The Getting Started section explains how to install the Appclacks CLI, create an organization and a new token. This guide will go into detail about API token management.

API Tokens permissions

You can attach permissions to API tokens to only allow some actions when used. The --permission flag can be used (and repeated) on the appclacks token create command to configure permissions.

The support permissions are:

  • *: Enable all API calls
  • GetOrganization: Get information about your organization
  • ListAPITokens: List API tokens
  • GetAPIToken: Get information about a specific API token
  • DeleteAPIToken: Delete API tokens
  • GetHealthcheck: Get information about a specific API token
  • CreateHealthcheck: Create health checks
  • DeleteHealthcheck: Delete health checks
  • UpdateHealthcheck: Update health checks
  • ListHealthchecks: List health checks
  • ListHealthchecksResults: List health checks results
  • GetHealthchecksMetrics: Get health checks metrics. See the Metrics and Prometheus integration guide.
  • CabourotteDiscovery: Cabourotte discovery endpoint. See the Appclacks on your private infrastructure guide.

API tokens TTL

You can configure a TTL on API tokens using the --ttl flag. Once the token is expired, it cannot be used anymore.

The --ttl format accepts a string like for example 10s for 10 seconds, 1m for one minute, or 400h for 400 hours.

Managing tokens

The appclacks token list and appclacks token get --id <token_id> commmands can be used to list tokens.

You can delete tokens by ID by using appclacks token delete --id <token_id> command.