Appclacks on your private infrastructure

Cabourotte, the Appclacks prober, is a free software you can host on your private infrastructure.

It can be retrieved from its Github repository and its documentation is available on

You should configure the discovery section of the Cabourotte configuration file to integrate it with Appclacks. Cabourotte will retrieve the health check configurations from Appclacks and run the health checks.

This is a Cabourotte configuration example:

  host: ""
  port: 9013
    - name: "appclacks"
      interval: 60s
      host: ""
      port: 443
      path: "/api/v1/cabourotte/discovery"
      protocol: "https"
        labels: "env=prod,project=foo"
        Authorization: "Basic WU9VUl9PUkdBTklaQVRJT05fSUQ6WU9VUl9UT0tFTg=="

The Authorization header contains the Basic string followed by the string YOUR_ORGANIZATION_ID:YOUR_API_TOKEN encoded in base64.

The query parameter is optional and can be used to retrieve only health checks having these labels.